Wow I haven’t posted on this thing in months, haha. Well I guess that’s because I really didn’t have a lot going on until now, That, however, has changed. I’ve recently taken a significant liking to music, and as part of this pursuit I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel showcasing my doings. Right now I’m somewhat limited to a techno/electronic sound, but I really enjoy it and hope someone else thinks it doesn’t suck, haha.

In any case, give it a look! Here’s a link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/kevinmartinmusic

And for good measure, this is my “masterpiece” of sorts.. Or at least, the longest song I’ve made.


Quick Post: tLSB In Memorium

To those who still like reading my old comic (And really, thank you so much for supporting it like you do), I’ve re-uploaded the entire series to http://lonely-soda.smackjeeves.com. Go ahead and give it a look and tell me what you think!

Art Project Time!

Here’s a little something I’ve spent the last couple hours on:

The rough as rocks draft sketch

The rough as rocks draft sketch

This is just the preliminary sketch; it sucks. But as things go I think it looks marginally un-sucky compared to other things.

Like.. Tree sap.

Smooth as silk. Really coarse silk.

Smooth as silk. Really coarse silk.

Vector lines traced over with a few artistic improvements. Like the hand. I friggin love the hand.

I still have a few more steps to go (Touch up the vector lines, color, effects) but I reaaally like where it’s going.

…But man, I friggin love the hand.

Quick Post: From The Other Corner Of Developement Hell!

So about a year ago I was messing around with an attempt at a Game Maker-based platforming physics engine, and ever since I’ve played with it off and on (but mostly off.) At the basics it’s a decent engine, but unfortunately I couldn’t manage to make everything work the way I wanted and I switched to a more advanced platforming engine provided by someone else. If anyone wants to give it a look and see what they may be able to do with it, you can download it here:



From the Depths of Development Hell

Lonely Gaiden 1.3-Final can be played or downloaded here. This is the first and so far only release to date.

Lonely Gaiden

A fearsome gray foe approaches!

Lonely Gaiden is to date my largest project. A simple video game based on my collaborative webcomic “The Lonely Soda Bottle”. The project started in September of 2008 at which time my work on it really took off. Months I spent tweaking and finishing my masterpiece, perfecting the mechanics, drawing each and every one of the graphics from the ground up, and micromanaging my musician like none other.

Lonely Gaiden

Possibly my favorite level, the desert.

That is of course to say it’s in reality, not that perfect. The physics engine is based on Martin Pieyck’s Platform Engine for Game Maker (free advertising, man!), some of the enemies are lazy and the graphics and music… Well actually to this day I take great pride in the graphics and my cousin’s work on the music is absolutely brilliant.

Still. For what it was I had great zeal to, for the first time finish a game of this scale. But as time went on I lost my motivation and eventually the game was damned to development hell. Thankfully however, not before each stage was painstakingly finished, the bosses programmed, and the cutscenes drawn. Yes, what really kept me from releasing the game many months ago was the bugtesting. So many cheap deaths and buggy enemy patterns! Alas, I had lost my vigor for this once great project.

Lonely Gaiden

Our intrepid hero gallivanting through the rolling green hills!

So today I present to you Lonely Gaiden, my masterpiece… Working as an amateur back in 2008, at least. Please do give me your feedback on the game, tell me what you liked and didn’t like, I may start up work on it or a successor of sorts one day.

Welcome to the Fun House

My name’s Kevin Martin. I also may be known by a few other pseudonyms such as several variations on rfLarke and a few other names too embarrassing to relive. Here’s a bit about me.

I’m what you might call an Evangelical Christian, though I really don’t like slapping a denomination on it. Suffice it to say I believe that Jesus died for my sins. If you’d like to talk about it, hit me up sometime.

I am also an amateur computer science…r. Would you call that a Computer Scientist? Well in any case I’m a computer enthusiast and I dabble in lots of that sort of thing. Primarily Web, Graphic, and Game design. I’m also very interested in formally learning music theory and, from there, piano. Musically my interests are primarily vested in the use of heavily distorted vibrating strings and the occasional orchestral piece. I’m not above a nice little piano ditty though.

As you can tell by my run-on-sentences and improperly placed paragraphs and complete lack of grammar-a-logical terminology I really have no business creating a blog but I figure I can make words sound pretty nice together and I have alot of thoughts in my head and plenty of time on my hands. So… Keep on reading I guess, maybe I’ll say something interesting enough to make you fall madly in love with me. Just let me know what it was because I’ll tell you right now I’m the least smooth guy you’ll meet.

…hm. Maybe shouldn’t have said that.

In any case, thank you for stopping by and if you like what you’ve seen then feel free to come back, maybe leave a comment. I’ll be posting whatever comes to mind, so… Hopefully something will be interesting.